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How to go about getting a fan commentary of your favorite film.

Note: We do NOT rip existing director/actor/producer commentaries from source material & post on the web. Don't ask.
First check to see that the film is not already in the green queue on the previous page:
Commentary: Impossible Searching for Audio Enlightenment Indiana Jones and the Lost Comments  Your favorite movie
(already requested)
 Enemy of the Filmmaker
Does the film already have an existing commentary track? If so, you may still request one of my fan commentaries, but your request will be given lower priority.

Have you checked other fan sites such as commentary central to see if a fan commentary already exists?
You may still request my commentary, but this request will also have low priority.

If there is something you are still dying to hear analysis of, by all means, REQUEST any film here.




Get any commentaries  mailed to you! No need to waste time downloading. We charge you just for the costs of duplication & postage. Get commentaries in Audio CD format, playable on any CD player, or as MP3 files. Audio CDs for films with two-part commentaries are available for $3.00 and three+  part commentaries are available for $4.00.
>OR< You can get MP3 files for up to three films on one CD for just $2.00! Contact me, let me know what you are looking for and we'll get it set up.