The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Original Theatrical Editions)

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MPAA rated theatrical editions (PG-13)

Run Time: Varies

Film source: R1 DVD

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Renegade Commentaries (extended editions)

*These are 'mocking' commentaries, not the typical analytical stuff found at hurricaneandy*

Fellowship of the Ring originally recoded in January of 2002 - remastered audio by 'Mycroft'

*The Two Towers commentary recorded August 2003.*temporarily unavailale**

Return of the King commentary released February 28th, 2006. (Worst commentary ever.)

File 1-3 Fellowship of the Ring
File 2-3 Part 2
File 3-3 Part 3
File 1-3 The Two Towers(N/A)
File 2-3 Part 2
File 3-3 Part 3
File 1-3 Return of the King
File 2-3 Part 2 - Ch. 20-37
File 3-3 Part 3 - Ch. 38-End.


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