Jackie Chan's First Strike

catalog information:

MPAA Rated PG-13


Run Time - 88 Minutes

Film source: NTSC Laserdisc

"this stunt coming up is absolutely insane. Watch as he skates off the edge of the cliff. The blades of the helicopter literally take the snow hat right off of his head."

- from side one.

File 1-2 Laserdisc Side 1
File 2-2 Laserdisc Side 2
Surprisingly, this is the only hurricaneandy commentary for a Jackie Chan film. Andy is a huge JC fan and has seen all of his movies, even that one that never was released in the US. You know which one I mean...

(Also it should be noted that the audio files are small enough that the whole comm will just fit onto an 80 minute audio CD-R)

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