Free audio files to enhance your enjoyment of overlooked and underappreciated films 

The commentaries on this page are earlier works, and some have been recorded at low volume or with significant background noise. Also, I am a better critic than I was when I started doing this, so keep that in mind when you listen to these commentaries. Archive files have the .zip extension.

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Film Title
D/L #1
D/L #2 Source Add'l File(s) Miscellaneous Notes
The Truman Show part 1 part 2 LD   Best archived comm. ever (IMHO)
 Reservoir Dogs
 part 2 LD    Based on NTSC Laserdisc release
Blown Away part 1 part 2 LD part 3 the 1994 film (not porn)
Tombstone part 1 part 2 LD part 3 The most requested archived comm.
A Walk in the Clouds part 1 part 2 LD    
Replacement Killers part 1 part 2 DVD    
 13th Warrior
 part 2 DVD    **Commentary Temporarily Unavailable**
Bringing out the Dead part 1 part 2 LD part 3 The last US film to be released on LD
Gladiator (1992) part 1 part 2 LD   (also not porn)
Bob Roberts part 1 part 2 LD    
Unbreakable part 1 part 2 DVD   My very first commentary (and not bad)
 Grosse Pointe Blank
part 1
 part 2 DVD    


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They average between 16~20 MB each and can take over an hour with a 56k modem.

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