Minority Report



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Rated PG-13 (Not R?)

Released in 2002

Run Time: 2hr 26min


Aspect Ratio 2.39:1 (??)

" I had the privilege of meeting Max von Sydow on the set of another film, and let me tell you, he is not a small guy. I'm over six feet tall and he's taller than me."

-from audio track one.


"...here they are standing nearly eye to eye. Tom [Cruise] must be standing on a box or something."

-from audio track two.

Commentary First Posted 9/28/04
File 1-2 DVD Chapters 1-12
File 2-2 DVD Chapters 13-end
Here is the first hurricaneandy commentary since 2003. Looking at Minority Report, we find high production values, solid acting, and some temporal miscues.

The commentary focuses in on a few visual details, while addressing some of the broader criticisms of Minority Report.

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